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    I’d like to hear your experiences of haggling and getting lower prices! Don’t wanna pay a large amount if I know I can save some pennies for new bras as well!



    I had a consult with transform and got quoted 3500. I then had a consult with mya and got told 3950. I then explained i had just had a consult with transform and told her the price they quoted me, she then evened out the price and quoted me 3500 hope this helps xx

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    It’s cheaper at MYA if you go as a day case instead of an overtime stay (£3850 instead of £4250 if I remember rightly?) You can save money if you book a late space. Or they can knock off £150 for friend referrals, you can find someone on here to use as a friend referral.

    But if you want to go with MYA I’d guess you’ll probably get it cheapest if you get a quote from Transform like amanda said and have MYA match the price.

    I’m personally thinking of going with Transform, what is the cheapest people have paid with Transform??


    I haven,t been for consultatio yet for ba but have had orthodentistry work and laser eye treatment and ,haggled’ with both providers and got considerable discount on both – remember in a recession see companies are keen for your business – I also got do discount for paying ‘cash’ which was just a one off payment on a credit card and so I made sure I bit an year long interest free credit card – but make sure you van budget it to pay off within the year or you’ll pay ridiculous interest. Hope this helps. Supershopper

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    Do they ask for evidence or proof of the cost transform give you?

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