Has anyone been to Leeds? Started by: Charlotte

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  • Charlotte 6

    Leeds is the closest place to me for MYA and I just wondered what the initial consultation is like and which surgeon you would recommend????? any info would be a big help x

    Helen 8

    I’ve had my initial consultation and first meeting with my surgeon both at Leeds. Everyone I have met so far has been lovely and really helpful. The initial one is just a chat to answer any questions you have and talk about what you want and why. I’m sure all the clinics are lovely though. I know someone who went through the Nottingham clinic but both our ops will be in the same place and with the same surgeon so it doesn’t really matter which clinic you start with!x

    Carly 1

    Hi Charlotte, I’m currently going through the process with Katy at Leeds. She’s lovely. She recommended Dr Mounir for my surgery and after meeting him I’m very comfortable with that decision. He was very relaxed and put me at ease.

    I’m going tonight to book my surgery and to try on sizes again as I’m still unsure.

    Any more questions feel free to message me. Xx

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