Has anyone used silicone strips or silicone gel for scar healing? Started by: Alex

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  • Alex 14

    Hi girls,
    I had a cesarean last week, and I really want to minimise any scarring (In particular, discolouration and any raising).
    I’ve been researching scar healing and noticed that silicone strips and gels can be used to help reduce scarring.
    Has anyone had any success using either of these products?

    Sorry is this is slightly off topic, my aug plans will be on hold until after I’ve recovered and finished breast feeding, but surely the healing process will be similar?

    Thanks x

    Elle 1

    Congratulations on your baby! I’ve personally found Kelo-cote scar gel really good. I’d double check how soon you can start using them though xxx

    Alex 14

    Thank you… I’ve been told from 2-3 weeks.
    Really pleased with the healing so far, just hard getting about.
    I’ll look into that gel, thanks so much x

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