has anyone used trilastin sr cream for stretchmarks? Started by: abifeatherstone

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    i have found this product on the internet and ive read mixed reviews about it so was wondering if any of you have used it and would you recommend it xx


    Yes I’ve used it. Does it work? U got to keep putting it on religiously, morning and night. In my opinion it does work but it doesn’t make a big enough difference for me to continue buying this cream. It is expensive, I’ve tried the other one stri vectiin. And the triastin is better. Have They got a newer version now of the trilatin one?


    they do one called trilastin sr.dont know if thats the 1 u used?xx


    Yeah, I am using this cream. I start using it before 2 months ago, after my delivery, for me its a quite good cream so far, in fact, I see a huge difference before and after using this cream and its not too much costly for me because I bought it from TriLASTIN Coupons at Reecoupons, and it’s really very affordable for me.

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