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  • Jessica 107

    Hi girls…
    Basically, I’ve been doing ALOT of research about breast implants as I have wanted this done for a while. I have even been watching countless documentaries lol!
    I have recently just watched one called ‘Are my fake breasts safe?’ – which is probably a good few years old now. It mainly focuses on stories on women who have had PIP implants. It is absolutely terrifying to think these women were in the same position as us, who did not think there was going to be any issues as their implants had been regulated and approved .. yet all the horrific things still happened. A lot of women have now been left with industrial silicone leaking in their bodies due to rupturing without knowing what harm it is doing! Its heartbreaking and everyone of them have been let down by their clinics and basically ignored and refused any help whatsoever.
    It was also interesting from the documentary that they had some top surgeon saying that if clinics offer bookings it should set alarm bells immediately. And I know MYA do this 🙁
    I am now absolutely terrified and has really opened my eyes to the surgery.
    I don’t want to worry/scare anyone who has had it done but its made me think even harder about this!
    Ahhhhhhhhh decisions 🙁

    Jodie 37

    PIP implants have been banned now hun if MYA are seen using these types of implants they’ll get closed down and fined. Because of safety regulations now in place I doubt you’ll get any problems. I’m 7 weeks post op now and I feel great about my implants and my surgeon. She was fab xx

    Katrina 41

    @jessy6067 Whilst the PIP implants situation was not nice….as far as I know, MYA was one of the few surgeries that gave free re-op ‘s to PIP implant patients. Unfortunately, surgery is never risk free and I would any clinic offerring 100% guarantees as that is impossible but I was happy with MYA as I feel assured if things go wrong…..they will put it right which is evident on this forum. They may not be the quickest to put it right (according to some posts I read) but they seem to care about their reputation and patients enough to do revision surgeries when things go wrong. Try not to worry however I do feel you need to have faith in whatever clinic you go with should you go ahead with surgery else your recovery will be one big panic. X


    A lot pip was bad in the early days but half way in them years they update them my sis law is 12 years post with the update pips which they are good now the only girls that got there pips changed was the ones under the guarantee at the time and others got there replaced with no problems at all if had payed on credit cards . So you girls will be covered for free re ops in your 1St 3 years cover and when that up for the 1st 10 years will get get free implants and maybe little help towards surgery Cost and u pay the rest aslong u got good cover u nothing to worry about x

    Jessica 107

    I know they don’t do PIP implants anymore but what I meant was the fact that these implants were regulated and approved just like the ones used today are. So I meant im worried incase a couple of years down the line they find that the implants which were used aren’t actually safe. I know people say good things about mya but I have a few friends who did get them done their with PIP and when they tried to seek help they were ignored and basically fobbed off. The nhs only offered to remove the implants as they were harmful but not put implants back in. And majority of the clinics still charged atleast 3000 even though they were selling faulty products (despite not knowing they were). I think its just knowing people who were In this situation with mya and basically got ignored. I guess im just worried that we get told all of these things and then when things go wrong your left on your own. Yes I know we get told we have so many years cover, but a lot of women got this aswell and when it happened … they didn’t want to know.
    Im probably totally over reacting but its just opened my eyes abit to everything
    Thanks for your replies girls. xxxx

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