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    Hey guys, I’m booked in a week on Tuesday just for a consultation, I’m just doing some research about it all really and wondering if anyone can tell me all about the procedure from the moment you step foot in and all the after efffects and stuff? Any help would be great as I’m really scared even just for the consultation.

    Kate Roberts 30

    Hey, don’t worry it was fine honestly. They send u and admission time a couple of days before the op. Then you arrive on the day and they show you to your room and the nurse does some tests( pregnancy/blood pressure etc) then the go through the paper work with you again and your surgeon comes to see you to go over what you want. You can watch TV whilst you wait then they come to collect you for surgery. You go up to theatre and lay on the bed and then get put to sleep ( you don’t really feel anything). Then you wake up in recovery and are taken back to your room. I stayed over night but if you are a day case I think they give you toast and tea. My nose hasn’t hurt since and I had it a week tomorrow! Hope that helps a bit.

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