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    Hello !!

    I’m having 295CC on one side and 315CC on the other I’ve been told that I’ll only go to a big B I wanted to be a big C/D I’m 5.6” and 7 and half stone quite small I don’t want to be disheartened when I come out of surgery but don’t know how to say I want to be bigger to my surgeon as he said I can go to what he’s offered ??


    Megan 9

    Hey Hun, what size are you now? My surgeon said he couldn’t guarantee my size but I said I wanted to aim for a C I am not a 30D/30DD. I never used to fill a AA cup and had 240CC.


    Heya !

    I’m a 32AA now, he said I could go 315 in one and 295 in the other so I said okay I’m also going behind the muscle. But when I’ve spoke to someone they said that’s a B not even a C but then others have said it’s a C/D so I’m not sure x


    I think it depends on how much boob tissue ( I know that’s probably not the correct term) you have to start with.
    I read online that the size they can offer is limited by the measurements of our current breast. Also if they let you choose high profiles ask for that as gives a bit more volume than the moderate ones 🙂 I was also unsure of sizes because of all the different results online, maybe see if you can have a further consultation to try them on again and see.
    I’ve been offered 300cc same for both sides and I had asked for a full C cup. I’ve seen some girls with smaller implants get D and DD cup so it’s so confusing. I’d go with what the surgeon told you and get a second opinion from another surgeon if you must. But they measure you and know what best what is possible and what is likely to be the result based on your personal measurements. Hope this helps.

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