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    Hey Girls

    im 22 days post op, i have 425 and 400cc partials.
    i was just wondering, i know your supposed to sleep on your back for the first 4-6 weeks, however for the last week ive been waking up on my sides.
    is this ok? or is this a habit i need to get back out and try and stay on my back the whole night?

    its starting to get me worried as i dont know the actual reason for sleeping on your back for that long apart from it helping them fall into place.
    starting to get worried that my implant is going to flip or something?!
    HELP. xx

    Lucy 6

    Hi, I think that its just while your incisions are healing. is it ok if I add you, I’m having 400cc in 2 weeks. what size were you before?x


    is that all it is though ?
    and of course babe take a look at my photos
    i think i was about a 32C but not a full c. more bottom heavy x

    Freya 70

    I’d like to know this too. I’m 16 days post op and up until last night I’ve been sleeping upright with a zillion Pillows. How soon did you sleep on your back? I’ve still got quite a bit of swelling on my right n darent sleep on my back incase it has something to do with the swelling. Xxx


    @Freya – IM 22 days post op and i think i started sleeping on my side round about 13 days Post op. not because i wanted to just by mistake! but its been like nearly every night since.
    the swelling is quite down now and my boobs are really jiggly. but i can still feel the implant moving around. but im confused because they say up to 6 weeks sleep on your back, but then they say it takes between 6 weeks and 3 months for them to fluff. so i just dont know if im damaging them or changing there position which will cause them to go wrong!

    arghgghhh xx

    Amy 263

    My nurse told me that swelling can move so if you laid on your side it could go into the boob your laid on. So would cause pain. If you do lay on your side place a cushion underneath to support. You should be ok if you keep swapping sides.

    Freya 70

    see amy that’s what I worry about I don’t want my swelling to get worse but can’t bear to sleep upright any longer 🙁 the trauma we have to go through eh! Xxx


    im half sleeping on my side and im 6 weeks post op!! my lower back is a killer at the moment so is between my shoulder blades!! I still have 3 pillows two standing upright against he headrest and the main pillow on top and I still got bad back 🙁 I get morning boob if I lie on my side too much. Get a pair of sock and put it between your boobs and cuddle your V pillow if you want to lie on your side xx

    Bridie 16

    Get a V pillow! It stops you from rolling over and is so so comfy i have one to sleep in keep you slanted up so your on your back but can’t roll onto your side 🙂 xxx


    I have a V pillow amd sleep with 2 very fluffy goose pillows under me so have loads of support just always end up sideways!
    aslong as i dont get any major issues or problems with sleeping on the side and they just sai that ytou should sleep on your side to ensure that you incisitons are ok thats made me feel alot better.
    also one last thing..
    my boobs at 22 days. will they change alot more by like 6weeks to 3 months? cause they look like they aint really swollne any mmore? xx

    Natalie 13

    I was worried about sleeping half up right but to be honest now the initial back pain had gone im ok.however im 19days post op and starting to lay slightly to my side nurse said aslong as its not painful and have done the 1st too weeks on ur back ur fine. Hate morning boobs regardless tho.xx

    Amy 263

    Try sticking pillows or a bean bag under your knees it made it was more comfy for me and took pressure off lower back. If I get chance I will post some pics of how I sleep.

    Holly 4

    Opps I’ve bin sleeping on my side fully for about a week now. I’m just over 6 week post op. My boobs look fine to me just feel abit achy when I wake up.

    Alice 1

    hey, i hope you don’t mind the add.. I’m still researching and I’m solo close to booking my first consultation! s=hope you don’t mind x


    don’t mind any adds at all!

    thanks for all the help ggirls made me feel a lot better

    does anyone know if the shape and how they look will change from the photo I uploaded at 20 days ? as they look like they aint going to change much xx

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