Help with getting to highgate hospital pleaseee!!!! Started by: Rinx ♥

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    Hello, right my surgery is on the 21st of november but im abit worried with how im going to get there, im from oxford so il most probz have to get the coach im fine with that is just im lost with when i get into london where do i go from there? can i get a tube to highgate hospital or bus? please get back asap x x x


    Ask your pc for directions hun she will send them in post along with a map !! That’s what I got XX


    Your nurse will give you a booklet about Highgate at your pre op, take it with you and look at the map on the back. You can get the tube to Highgate station and walk from there, it’ll take about 20 mins. There’s lots of steps at the station, turn right when you get to the top and cross over at the lights x

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    thanks you two, where do i get the tube from? the station where all the shops are x x

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