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    Im new to this im booked in on the 24th June in highgate with Dr singh for a boob job i had 4children im 26yrs old after losing so much weight my boobs have shrunk to a teeny b and have no filling in my boobs now the sag though dr singh said the ok no uplift so not bad, so im going to have Youthful implant 460cc over the top dr singh said i should be a DD-E, im bit nervous that i might go too top heavy he said my measurements are of a 18yr old im 5ft 6 size 8/10 (im a bit of a diet and health freak like too look like a yummy mummy lol) ne advice would be great or if anyone is goin in Highgate on the 24th June be nice im only a day case aswel xx


    Hi there I’m the same as you darling all be it a little smaller at 6-8 and 5 foot 4 I’ve had 8 children I’m a 32 d( empty) I’m having 525cc high profile overs il be anything from a 32 f to a 30 gg i say bring it on we’ve done our bit now it’s our treat lol Ive trained all my life I’m 36 people think my 18 year old is my sister I love it she doesn’t lol, I’m having the fake look and going to enjoy it without being pregnant!!!!!! In also having my nose done the same time at highgate in September, just go for it darling we all deserve it whatever our reasons so you have what you like and no regrets:-) good luck with it girlxx


    8 children wow u defo deserve this, i hope when my kids are older they think im there sister lol cant wait iv got 3boys and a girl and i had 4children in a space of 3yrs & 2mths there is only 10mths between my last 2, im just getting nervous now that iv gone to big with my desion but i used to do alot of weight training so im very toned and broad i dont look thin just toned and broad, wow your going for a mega big size u go gal :O) is the fake look the youthful because thats wot iv gone 4 the implant felt harder then natural, hope it all goes well 4u in sept so hope it hurry along i went in 4my consultation booked dr singh and within 2wks im booked up so it been rush rush for me i only decided a fw days b4 i booked it well it all payed now just 1wk to go x

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