How long did take for yous to have an appointment booked with a surgeon? Started by: Soraia

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  • Soraia

    Hi guys
    I have had my first consultation already, I have been asked to send photos so they could be sent to the surgeons.( done)
    I had a reply wich one of the surgeons suggested the vaser lipo, wich I am happy with. My coordinator told me she sent the photos to the vaser surgeon so we can have his advice. I am really anxious , can’t even sleep prorpely. How long you guys had to wait for a reply and for an appointment with the surgeon?
    Thank you

    leanne 1

    I had to wait a month. Have to go back for a second consultation and had to wait a month for that too. Surgery booked for 11/6 though! X


    Jesus looks like they are so busy at the moment. Thanks for your help xo

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