How long is the wait between consultatio and surgery Started by: Rose

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  • Rose

    I’ve got a consultation in 2 weeks(first one)
    How long normally does it take to get a surgery date?

    Rachel 8

    Hello @rose. I have my first consualtion on Monday and I have wondered this to.

    Kendra 6

    I had my initial consultation on Wednesday 17th October and I booked my surgery for 28th November. So it was a 6 weeks wait. Tbh I just think it depends on what surgeon you choose and when they are available 🙂

    Ellie 15


    I’m currently 6wpo now, the operation date all depends to be fair, on what surgeon you pick, their available dates, and how soon you can put your deposit down to secure a date. I had my first consultation in June, then my second one where I met the nurse and surgeon in July then I booked to have my surgery in September but I could of had it in August but sepetember was the closest time I could book off work. So it all depends when you’re available to have the op and the surgeons available dates. 🙂 good luck with it all!

    Jen 7

    I had my 1st consultation on the 20th Sep
    Then my appointment with my surgeon on the 11th October
    Pre op on the 19th October and have been book in for the op on the 27th October
    Hope this helps xx

    Amy Hope 7

    Initial consultation 8th September, surgery 23rd October. Maybe could have got it earlier but I was restricted by time off work x

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