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  • Emma 23

    Hi girls,

    I’m 8DPO and have my post op with the nurse tomorrow. I’m fed up of lying upright now tbh lol so was wondering when you all were told it was ok to lie flat without having to be propped up at a 45 degree angle, and also when can you lay on your side again?

    I’ve heard you can shower from 2 weeks post op too is that correct?

    Thanks lovelies xxxx


    I gave up sleeping upright pretty much a week in, I couldn’t physically do it.. I just slept with more pillows 🙂 then gradually introduced sleeping on my side.

    I had shallow baths then once my stitches came out I showered. Washed my hair over the bath as hated dirty hair! x

    Amy Walk 6

    I went to see the nurse 5 dpo & was given these guidelines:
    1) I could go home & shower that day and to do so every 24 hrs but do not dry the incision at all
    2) I could sleep in any position I found comfortable and I could get up easily from after 7dpo

    Hope this helps xx

    Megan 9

    I’m just over three weeks post op and only started sleeping on my side yesterday. I physically didn’t feel comfortable going onto my side before this.

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