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    I’m only 3 weeks po but really really wanna start subbed a and gym again altho the gym would absolutely kill me at moment so I know it not yet. Is it like 6 weeks or longer? I’m getting really pale and being a dumbed addict I’m hating this. When I do go on them do I hae to cover my scars with something? Would it be safer to wake longer than the 6 weeks? I know I’m thinkin really far ahead here. Also m friend is going for a tattoo tomorow an I really want another one and have my design ready , my tattoo is under my boob bit not right under more like on my tummy but higher up. Should I wait longer? It will be no where near my insisions. Silly question I know xx

    Hayley -1

    I was told the scars can’t be exposed to uv for 12 months, I asked about sunbeds and the nurse said I’d have to put factor 50 over the scars and cover them with something. Obviously we can’t put cream on them for at least 6 weeks so before you do anything I would speak to the nurse/surgeon at your 6 week check! x


    I will do thank you xx


    You can go on sunbed when u feel upto it and just cover scarsite i went on at 7 days post and have been reg since and im 7 weeks now i just cover the scars really well. Gym should be 6 weeks plus im starting back this week and im 8 weeks this week xx

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