How soon could you feel your nipples? Started by: Penelope

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    Hi everyone,
    I had 380cc teardrops and an uplift 4 days ago. Nipple sensation is a huge deal to me. I understand that it might be altered. I was hoping the lovely ladies on here could give me some advice: when were you able to feel your nipples? I honestly can’t feel them at all. Completely numb. Is this normal?
    Also a real struggle to sleep sitting up. I have a V pillow but it is still like the quality of sleep you get in an airport or possibly up a tall tree with thin pokey branches!
    Any tips or advice or reassurance would be fab. Thank you.


    Hi I am now 16 days post op. I’ve had full nipple sensation since day 3/4 but I understand everyone’s different. I started to gradually sleep slightly lower down since my nurse advised, just after 1 week post op. I’m now nearly flat . I used to use 6 pillows plus v pillow lol and wiggle until I found comfort!! I also slept 2 nights on a reclining arm chair which was bliss lol x

    G 2

    Im 9 days post and still cannot feel a thing!


    I’m 11 weeks post op and still zero sensation. I have been told it can take a while

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