I feel like I’m the only girl who’s having overs?! Help! X Started by: Katie

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    I have very very very very minor Tubular Breasts, I’m a small B now, I’ve got boob at the bottom & side but nothing to show for at the top! I was told if I get unders it will push the muscle forward & not give me the shape & fullness at the top that I desire – whilst enhancing the tear drop shape I already have which is what I don’t want. I can’t find much info on here about Overs though. Anyone have before and afters? What’s your experience? Any help & response is appreciated xx

    Elisher 13

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    Hi @katie I’ve had overs last Wednesday with Dr Traynor. I have a Mya instagram Mya.girl.25.7.18 take a look I’ve put some photos 🙂

    Katie 1

    Hey ! Thanks for your reply! I only have my normal insta account but I’ll send you a request now if that’s ok? X

    Louise 76

    Hey!! I had one boob that was minor tubular too, the other boob was more ‘normal’ as my surgeon said haha! I was a A/very small B. The whole process I actually believed I was having unders.. and I woke up with overs! The Cleavage and shape I was trying to achieve wouldn’t have been achieved with unders he said. And I’m so glad he went with over the muscle, although the fear of rippling and I do have to be weary of my weight and not to lose too much as I didn’t have a lot of breast tissue to start with, I am very happy with my boobs and I hope you will be too! I’ll add a before and after, best of luck with your journey!!xx

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    Ashley 5

    Hi Katie I follow a girl on Insta who had mild tubular and got overs, her name is beckys_mya_2018_

    Stacey 497

    Hi hun o had overs over a year ago with Dr Traynor xxx

    Laura 41

    Hey, I’m having over to on 17th Aug with Mr Mahdi xx

    Roxanne 36

    I had tubular breasts b cup to start with I had 450 hp overs a year ago. I still don’t have any fullness at the top and they look tear drop. You only get a bigger version of what you have. Book in with your surgeon and explain what you want and ask how will he do that. Thats my biggest regret xx

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