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  • Louise 20

    Thought I’d share my journey so far…. 400cc high profile overs into an empty 36b by Mr Giannas at the Fitzroy on Saturday 26th.
    So I’m 2 days post op.
    Admitted at 7.30am and was taken for the op about 8.30am. I was first in and shared a room with the second woman on the list. Did a urine sample and they gave me socks, they didn’t mind about toe nail varnish but I’d taken remover just in case.
    Hubby left me to explore London when I went to theatre and they rang him at 10am when I came back to the room, typically he didn’t answer so I called him. Told him not to rush as I was still groggy and in and out of sleep. Was able to keep my eyes open just enough to take a peek, they looked like balloons haha. Can’t explain the feeling to finally look down and see a full pair of boobs!
    I was tender and couldn’t use my upper arms at all to sit up or move and had to bum shuffle. Was able to eat toast and drink tea within half an hour and didn’t feel sick at all. Half hour later the other woman returned and our partners soon followed.
    I was able to go to the toilet and although weak felt fine being up and it helped to stand. Couldn’t flush the loo for a few hours though. Drank loads of water as it helps flush the anaesthetic out. Had codeine about 1pm and it made me drowsy again. I wasn’t really in pain unless I tried to use my arms, the nurse said your most used hand will be the one that hurts the most. Even now my right arm is useless. I will be honest it’s agony if I move it too much so I’m learning to use my left which is stronger and more mobile.
    We left at 6pm as Mr G was so busy he wasn’t able to do checks till about 5pm. We walked the 15 mins slowly back to the hotel in the pouring rain but I enjoyed this.
    The other lady in my room was in a lot more pain she felt sick, couldn’t walk or get up without help and her partner had to help feed her. She’d had partials so I think that’s why we were so different. I felt really lucky in comparison.
    Awful sleep in the hotel and I felt like my ribcage was being squeezed constantly. I took the sticky tape off Sunday morning and this stopped the bone crushing feeling. Now the only pain is soreness particularly right boob where I assume the incision is. It almost feels like I’ve split it open if I move that arm or the tablets wear off.
    I take the co-drydamol they supplied regularly but it has made me bloated and constipated (not hurting yet though) and I suspect its bring on thrush ?. Be prepared with canesten, laxitives etc as I’d forgotten to get anything!
    Boobs started to swell more by Sunday evening and are noticeably bigger. Hubby was disappointed there wasn’t much size difference in clothes but I’d always worn well padded bras. Kept explaining they would change over the weeks!
    I want to use normal paracetamol to stop the side effects but I’m too worried they won’t be enough. Had to walk the kids to school today as I couldn’t drive safely but it hurt my right boob so it was slow going.
    I think I’ve been lucky pain wise, I’ve been mobile and generally manage the pain so long as I keep to the meds at 4hrs and don’t move the arms too much. I just keep thinking of the result and its definately worth it.
    Will upload pics xxx

    Samantha 42

    Hi Louise
    I love reading posts like this, the hard bits done now, keep us updated hun.
    I can’t wait to see your pics, I wish you all the best and speedy recovery Louise xxx

    Monica 122

    Thank you for sharing your journey Louise ?
    Hope your recovery goes well and you’re not going to experience too much pain.

    Tor Shields 77

    My surgery is in 2 days. I’m strangely calm at the moment but thank you for sharing your story. All the side effects from the medication are making me wonder whether I should just deal with the pain instead ha x

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