I think I can feel the implant in my right boob Started by: Molly

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  • Molly

    I feel like I can feel the implant in my right boob it really really heavy and my nipple is really sensitive! Should I be worried??? I am 19 weeks post op

    Alex 45

    I’d say that you are going to feel the implant in your boob as it’s not natural. Your nipples can be sensitive for months after. If you are worried give mya a call they will be more than happy to give you advice as they deal with it everyday. Xx

    Vicky 6

    My right one is also SOOOO sensitive and sore and tender (been much worse the last 2-3 weeks!!) so reading your post has given me some relief as I’m not alone!xx


    I had the same feeling in mine I’m 4 days post op and my right boob is more sensitive and i keep getting sharp stinging pains in my right nipple but ive been told its just everything knitting back together

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