im feeling nervous about my op peeps!!!! Started by: drewjames

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    hey guys
    was wonderin if anyone can help, im havin nose reshaping surgery very soon, but im crapping myself about the anethestic, the result basically everything!!! was hoping for some comforting advice! im panicking!!!

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    hi there!

    Ive not had nose reshaping but i did see someone who was coming back up to the ward after having it done, he came out of the lift (in a bed) as i walked in. He was awake and didnt really look like he was in any pain what so ever.

    Dont worry about the anesthetic its quite relaxing. One minute your pre op the next your post op…. Honest dont worry!
    Trust your surgeon, they do it everyday and there reputation is everything to them.

    Try to relax think of the end result! A GREAT END RESULT!

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    yeh as jojo says having the anethetic is quite relaxing, especially when you wake up! i found the whole experience fine!! i had a boob job, and pain wasnt that bad! just chill and enjoy being pampered! oh and the gorgeous meals for after yum yum XX



    My nerves were mainly with the aneasthetic, so my advice would be just relax into it. I think I tried to fight it, but if you just close your eyes, breathe slow and think if how fab your nose will look after then it’ll be be over in no time. That’s the best thing about it, it’s over so quickly, it’s tricky to believe it’s been done.

    Good luck and remember it really will be done and dusted so soon xx


    Thanks girls for taking the time to reply back to me, it means a lot! I suppose we are/or have been in the same boat! i will Def post a comment post op as there arent many feeds about nose jobs on here, and i would love to be able to give some feedback and of course tell u guys how it was. I hope i will be ok and i will remember all ur advice guys! x

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