I’m so much pain I can’t walk straight 1 week post op Started by: Cerys Taylor

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    My right breast has been in extreme pain while my left boob has no pain at all. When I touch the bottom half of it, it’s really sore however only hurts when I stand up. Getting up in the morning is soo painful but the pain does eventually ease as the day goes on but if I sit back down for an hour, standing back up I feel the pain again. ( I should mention I had nipple reduction too) I hadn’t really been out the house Properly so on the 6th day I finally got out the house to see how I would get on, I was hunched over whenever I had to walk because my boob was hurting so much still! It’s like a shock burning pain. I should also mention it’s more swollen than the other. Is it normal to be in this much pain a week later? I know some people go to work a week later but I definitely couldn’t do that! I don’t even think I could travel there without crying!

    Steph 11

    Hey, Cerys.
    I had the exact pain in my right boob.
    I noticed that my surgical bra and breast band were too tight on me.

    I also realised that I would wake up in the morning, leaning on my right side more which left me in agony getting up.

    Once I made these changes it took about 2 days for the pain to stop.

    Have you kept up with your pain meds?
    I was given Robaxin, a muscle relaxant which helped me loads…

    I hope you feel better soon, hun xx

    Steph 11

    Have you had your 1 week check up with a nurse yet? Xx


    Aw that’s good to know I’m not alone with this! I was just worried there was something really wrong. I have been taking the pain meds still to help but my 1 week appointment is tomorrow so I’ll see what they say And mention the looser bra because when I do take it off for a sort minute it’s sooo relieving ! Xx

    Rhianne 3

    Hiya Cerys! I had my op on Friday so I’m now day 3 post op. I have the same pain in the right breast.
    I woke up yesterday feeling slightly less uncomfortable and thought I could do all kinds!
    But Lastnight I started to get a horrible pain right across the top of both but mostly my right.

    I just hope I’m coming to the end of this agonising pain and can enjoy having them in the next few days. You find yourself focusing on the pain more than anything!
    I’m so excited for my post op in 8 days to be able to have a look at them and hopefully feel so much better.
    Not being able to do much for myself is becoming so frustrating! Xxx


    I know mines gone on for 9 days now! Iv been in so much pain it’s awful. I think a smaller bra and muscle relaxer will really help. Until I get a new bra I loosened my mya bra by unclipping all the hooks except the bottom and top one. I can already feel a difference, I can walk now so it’s not as painful anymore! So definitely something to try if it doesn’t go away for you xxx

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