Is anyone a fitness instructor/into fitness? Started by: Emmalouiseseymour

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    Hi ladies. I’m a fitness instructor and booked in for an uplift. How did you find returning To classes? Did you do anything in your six weeks post op recovery? Thanks xx

    Vanessa 5

    I would also like to know this too. Booked for 19th July!


    I’m booked for 24 July!


    I would like to know to, I’m a fitness instructor, using my 4 weeks hols ! Stressing about it !

    Diane 14

    I had an uplift with implants in front of the muscle and my movement was fine after two weeks. I felt back to normal movement wise by 4 weeks but still healing. I started exercising again at 6 weeks and had no issues. I think it’s very individual x

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