Is it worth having Vaser Lipo? Started by: Shivohn Hayward

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    Hi all,

    I would really like your honest views on whether it’s worth having vaser on my stomach and legs? After reading so many stories I’m not convinced I’m going to get my money’s worth?!

    Alana 5

    @shivohn Hi, I had Vaser in December if you have any questions, I will try help. also i have an
    instagram journey if you want to have a look at my photos. @myavaserjourney xx



    That is exactly how I felt to be honest.. The consultation with the surgeon wasn’t great at all! It felt like he was more interest in finishing on time (as I had the last appointment) rather than spending the extra couple of minutes making extra effort to make me feel comfortable! As you said, i was in the room for all of about 10 minutes. Maybe I was expecting to much…

    After the consultation was finished I was rushed into my PC who seem very keen to get me booked in, I hardly had any time to think. After reading all the reviews and having a consultation with the consultant I’m not convinced at all…. The step by step stages haven’t been in depth and I have received far more information on here.

    I really wanted Vaser Lipo but I’m now in two minds! At the end of the day it’s a lot of money not be happy with the process from begin to end.

    Gemma 1

    Ive just had vaser and the pain is not bad at all just not that comfortable and sore I would say so far its been a week and I hated my outter thigh. I have bad bruising but other than that no real scars at the moment my legs look so much better not massive different to others but there flat and my lower back I have no bits hanging over my knickers like before. At the moment I really happy and would say not really painful changed my look . You dont look loads thinner it just takes away that fat bit from that area. Im only a size 8 and think its perfect for me as wasn’t big to start with so just taken the bit I didnt want away. I would say go for it wish I had years ago now. I was soooo worried about it now I dont no why I was hope that helps xx

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