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  • Sheena 1

    Hey! I’ve just has my ba with Mr Traynor and returned to my hospital room. Not looking forward to this recovery journey with 3 kids. I has 300cc and 325cc hp unders. How did those with unders find recovery?

    Georgia 15

    I had 300 unders and have one 2 year old. If I’m totally honest the first 3-4 days were the worst ! I was in agony and could barely move. I cried every day because I was in so much pain and it’s very frustrating going from been so active and independent to even need someone to help me flush the chain ! But there is light at the end of tunnel and by day 5 I was up about moving and trying to do more. It’s totally worth it in the end just hang in there! I am now 11 days post op and nearly back to my usual house chores (within reason) I still can’t hoover, reach too high or lift heavy things. The thing that got me the most was my son is such a mammys boy and not been able to cuddle him, lift him onto my knee, bath him all the things we just take for granted.
    Do you have anyone to help you at home ? I was lucky my partner was at home but goes back to work tomorrow and he works away so tomorrow will be the test of how I cope on my own fully.
    Good luck xxx

    Sheena 1

    Hi Georgia, So far the pain isn’t too bad, hoping it continues. My kiddies are 9, 3 and 2 ? my parents are going to have the kiddies when they’re not at nursery as my other half is at work. Just need to get by until the weekend then he’s off for a week. The pain is more the centre of my chest bone where the strapping is. It feels so bruised. Have you got any numbness? Hope the rest of the recovery isn’t too bad for you xx

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