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    Hi guys! My admission time was 11am and my operation was at 4pm – I’ve just come around from the anaesthetic, super drowsy it honestly feels exactly like you’ve had about 2 bottles of wine to yourself haha! I was a little bit nauseous eating some toast but luckily wasn’t sick, needed a sleep desperately so had about an hours nap and now I’m wide awake and just can’t wait to see them! From the bandages I can already tell I’m gonna love them, so much perkier and nicer looking! I had very uneven breasts the right was about 2 sizes bigger than the left and my nipples pointed South and were huge! So I’ve had a reduction in the right and an uplift in the left – will upload photos when I get them!!
    What a brill experience I don’t regret it in the slightest and everyone here is sooo lovely! If you’re in two minds about having it done deffo do it!! X


    Only downside is the parking at the Fitzroy! I read up on it beforehand and thought there would be a NCP car park near by which was £36 for 24 hours but it was actually a 20 minute walk away! And my mam didn’t wanna park so far away and walk back with her luggage so we parked in the bays around but it’s £11.30 for 2 hours and you can’t stay in the same bay for an hour after the time runs out so she had to keep leaving to move the car which was a bit of a pain and it’s £11.30 every 2 hours so it all adds up! But London confuses me and we weren’t gonna risk public transport because driving was bad enough haha! I live South Wales so got a 4/5 hour drive back in the morning too – I guess I owe my mam big time ????????


    Hi Jasmin,
    I’d love to follow your journey, as I’m hoping to book for a reduction this summer! I haven’t seen many people’s posts or photos about reduction so far!
    Glad to hear that you’re happy with the experience! X

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