Labia majora, minora and hoodectomy Started by: Lucy

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  • Lucy

    Hi, has anyone else had all 3 and how was your healing? I’m worried mine is very very slow with possible infection (heading to the doctors tomorrow) I am 8 days post op and still very swollen and oozy, very painful, anyone have any experience or advice? Thanks


    Hey Lucy I’m getting all three done tomorrow .. feeling really nervous now and it’s bugging me I can’t find anyone’s experiences after getting all three done and if aftercare differs to just getting the minora etc.

    How are you in your recovery now? Sending love and healing vibes!! XX

    Sian 5

    Hi girls,
    I had all 3 procedures done with dr.ibraheim and I’m now 5 days post opp. First 3 days was a breeze but extreamly uncomfortable now due to all the bruising coming out and the stitches being very itchy and uncomfortable. I keep dosed up on pain relief and anti inflammatory which have done wonders. Everytime I go to the toilet I wash myself with water and blow dry myself dry (no toilet paper!). Also I do a salt wash twice a day and to be honest even though it’s only 5 days post opp it looks pretty clean and tidy down there already! So happy with my results already!! I will say as some advice from my personal experience keep dosed up on pain relief even if you don’t feel the pain because it will come!
    Wishing you the best of luck!! Xx


    Hey Sian,

    So glad you’re happy with results, we are in the same boat I think we had our op on the same day! I’m so pleased with mine already and so excited to be fully healed now.

    Day 3/4/5 post op were defo the worst for me.. up every few hours (my body wakes up when the pain meds wear off!!) Last night was my first night of sleeping a solid 7 hours so I feel great today in comparison.

    Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly! x

    Sian 5

    Hi Aimie,
    how weird that we was in the same place the same day!!
    I went for my post op check up today with the Nurse and she is really pleased with my results. I told her that the last 2 days have been a real struggle and sometimes pain relief isn’t really helping, especially at night is the worst!! She did notice that i have unfortunately formed a few blisters from the stitches which explains why its painful when i’m sat or led down! But she did however say they are so small that they will disappear in the next few days.

    So glad to hear your happy with your results! wish you all the best with your recovery 🙂 xxx


    Hi, I’m considering getting three done together- can somebody tell be how much this was and whether they do procedure to reduce a fatty pubis mound? What to they do to the outer lips?

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