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    Just thought id add onto my post of how amazing some of the staff have been at leeds post op. To start with Caroline who works on the reception is amazing and so supportive. She is the one that has put my mind at rrst on numerous occasions and is so helpful. You dont always know what to expect and i worry at the smallest of things so to hear other experiences is always welcoming and puts my mind at rest.
    Jenny who is my nurse is one of the nicest supportive people i have met. I was panicking on the weekend as 1 of my boobs was getting tighter and tighter also it was alot morr swollen than the other……i phoned Jenny amd she was lovely. Put my mind at ease as i was in tears thinking that i would have to have my implant removed and be left with horiffic scars (yes i worry waaaaaaay too much haha) she was so supportive and i cant thank her enough and caroline 🙂

    I think the only negative would be sadly my pc katy hasnt been in contact much at all. The first week post op i heard nothing (had my call from Jenny) and i had to phone caroline a few times before katy phoned me back. I was just left anit dissapointed as i had so much contact with Katy beforehand including emails etc and calls and feel that once my money has been paid and the op is done thats it…..nothing. katy told me that when i see the nurse she will see me……nevr saw her. Just abit of a let down because of all the contact we had previosuly. Im sure all the pc’s are so busy but just a few ‘how are you’ emails/calls would of been once……especially after the op/first few weeks.

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