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    Hiiiiii, Ive started to look into having my boobies done and I

    Finding it all Soooooo confusing = \ just wondering if anybody can recommend surgeons In Manchester? Thanx

    Fairyxx 4

    Hi hun. Mr traynor operates up that end! I had him in preston for my op, but i know he operates in south cheshire and also rochdale.

    Hes a brill surgeon! Book a consult and the mya patient coordinators will tell u the surgeons in ur area xx


    The Manchester operation was designed for women with second-and third-degree uterine descensus with cystourethrocele. If stress incontinence of urine accompanies the condition, the Manchester operation can be combined with a Kelly plication of the urethrovesical sphincter. The advantages of the Manchester operation are that the surgeon does not enter the peritoneal cavity, the operating time is reduced, and the operation is not associated with a prolonged or morbid recovery. For all of these reasons, it is ideal for the elderly patient with no other uterine disease.


    auto transport


    Hi estee, i would also recommend Mr Traynor. I had my ba with him, i am 3 week po tomorrow and so far so good. I am really pleased with the results and had a really good recovery, not much pain :D . x x


    helena and kazzazi i think both operate at rochdale (manchester) x


    Thanks girls, think I’ll get my consultation booked! = )


    I am afraid of operations(

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