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    Hey, so I’ve had one child and they are now 4. I went to see Max the surgeon and he has said about doing a mini tummy tuck plus Vaser as he thinks this will be better as I’ve had a caesarean. Just wondered if anyone had just had Vaser after and not a tummy tuck? I’m swaying more towards just the Vaser because of recovery time with a small child and cost but at the same time I’m a bit worried that if he sucks the fat out I might be left with extra skin. Can anyone help?


    Hi Beth
    I’m in the same position as you, except mine is 9!
    Having the same procedure on 5 August because of the lack of elasticity in my skin and it’ll look awful to just have the Vaser.
    It will be more expensive but worth it. I’ve done loads of research into Max and all I’ve found is amazing post op photos and very happy girls!
    No harm in asking to see him again, or your PC, if you’re unsure xx

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