MINIMUM AGE FOR NOSE JOB? Started by: Abigail

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  • Abigail

    Hu, my 14 year old daughter gets terribly bullied at school and has been wanting a nose job since she was only 7. Her nose is normal but with a large bulbous tip. I’m her mother and even I am say it doesn’t fit her face. She turn 15 in 3 month and ibwas windering when she can undergo a surgery. We have already veen told by a doctor her nose wont grow anymore, so ud ont see the problem with it. I cant find anywhere that talks about age restrictions on yheir website so im very confused. If you have any answer for my question please reply.

    myamoderator 132

    Hi Abigail,

    Here at MYA you have to be 18+ to have any cosmetic surgery procedure and that will be the same at the majority of cosmetic surgery providers in the UK.

    Love MYA xx

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