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    Hi all

    Just wanted to get some advice regarding what you were told about lymphatic drainage massages after vaser liposuction. My nurse advised that due to my severe bruising I should wait 2 weeks for MLD. I waited and after nearly 2 weeks I went to see a therapist who advised I should wait 3 months! Then after reading so much about this on the forums here I thought I’d do more research. After visiting http://www.mlduk.org.uk/therapists/ I found and spoke to 2 therapists who advised that MLD actually helps to REDUCE the bruising and that I should’ve started to get them done the day after surgery. I am so annoyed after getting so many mixed messages. Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything like this? If so has this hindered your recovery?

    Advice is appreciated, thanks xx

    Emma 7

    Hi Charlene. I had vaser on Saturday and had my first MLD today. I was told within a few days so it’s rather annoying you were given mixed messages! Tbh I’ve been given mixed messages about various things from MYA nurses and I’m going to give the feedback to them that they need consistency in their messaging as it’s quite annoying and confusing. How are you doing now 2 weeks in? I’m struggling and it’s only 3 days in!!


    Hey Charlene, I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Vlok and I asked him after the procedure when he reccommends for me to start the massages and he said either today or tomorrow! Basically as soon as you possibly can. I’m sorry to hear that you have had mixed reviews but I am sure if you start the massages now you should start to see a difference.
    I completely agree with Emma about the consistency and will also say something to them next I am there. Running up to my procedure I have felt very nervous as the information I have been told has been all over the place! I also had asked multiple times the name of the massage that I needed and only found out by Dr Vlok yesterday!


    Hi Emma and Bella. Thanks for your replies. I had 2 MLD massages last week and have another 2 scheduled for this week. I’m really glad I had them done as they helped with the soreness almost immediately! I also spoke to another nurse at Mya last week and she said I was probably told to hold off on the massages by Mya due to the amount of bruising I had. Anyway I’m now 3 weeks post op and recovering well. The swelling has gone down a lot and I’m glad to hear you’ve been advised to get the massages ASAP because they will help you! Good luck and speedy recovery xx

    T 1

    Hi Charlene
    What areas did you have done and how’s your recovery? I’m looking to book in for my flanks and have been advised to start Mld as soon as possible so tryin to book these in also
    Many thanks


    Hi girls, I had my Vaser Lipo on my thighs on Tuesday and am thinking of booking a massage tomorrow. Probably a silly question but do I take my compression garment off? It’s super painful to do so so I’m worried!! Thanks x


    My surgeon recommended I started the MLD 48 hours after surgery and every other day thereafter for 10 sessions

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