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  • Sophie2330 12

    What is the difference between moderate plus and high profile also can anyone tell me what cohesive 2 implants are please? Xx

    Hannah 27

    Cohesive 2 is a firmer type of silicone so less likely to ripple but don’t feel as natural to squeeze.
    Moderate plus and HP is the level of projection – so how far the implants stick out when flat. Moderate plus is like an average to above average projection, and high profile is a more profound projection. Then there’s ultra high profile which is very “out there”. Also, you can have a 300cc moderate plus that may be 13cm in width but the 300cc in high profile will be shorter so around 11cm. Does that make sense, hope so! Xx

    Sophie2330 12

    Thankyou so much it does. X

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