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    Hi Ladies
    I have just arrived home from my surgery – so far so good I am experiencing pain around the nipple and underneath – it feels very tight around the chest area but I am taking lots of painkillers to keep it bareable.
    Previously I was a 32 B/ empty C. Due to drastic weight loss (heartbreak diet!) Dr Mileto said I needed to go for a modified uplift to achieve the round tight look I wanted.
    I am really pleased so far with the results – my implants are sitting quite far apart currently. Does anyone know whether they will drop and get closer together ? My natural breasts also had a gap so I assume this will just stay this way.
    I am hoping they don’t drop too much as I like the high profile look.
    dr Mileto is really lovely and seems to have done a fab job – I listened to him as I said I have a petite frame ( 5ft 2, 8st 4, size 8) and didn’t want to go too big but he opted for 325cc while in surgery and I’m glad he did cos I would’ve been disappointed with a smaller size.
    I can’t stand laying around doing nothing and I feel so bloated from the painkillers (and probably comfort eating!!!).
    All photos are from operation day so I will update you with how they change.
    If you have any questions or advice for me please comment xxx

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    Nikki 3

    More pictures x

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    Alex 15

    They look great, thanks for sharing your story Nikki. The size and shape look perfect for your frame x

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