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  • Bonnie 3

    Could anyone advise me on the pain having over the muscle 375cc… how long should I book off work .

    Kim-marie 13

    Hi I can’t advise if the pain over the muscle but I’m 9dpo from having unders. I stopped the painkillers 2dpo as they made me feel ill and I wasn’t in enough pain to make it worth taking them.
    I would say it’s more uncomfortable than painful, and the worst part is lack of sleep from sleeping upright .
    It really hurt breathing in but this may just be as they are under the chest muscle.
    I am off for 2.5 weeks for the easter hols but I have been out and about walking and seeing friends from 5dpo and actually drove yesterday at 8dpo. I could have gone back to work (I have a desk job) at 7dpo. Everyone is different but I would say a week? Hopefully someone who’s had overs will give u a better idea.

    Sophia 47

    Not going to lie, the pain from having unders was worse than I expected. The first 2 days were just excruciating. Couldn’t even breathe or talk properly because it extended my chest too much. So I was breathing very shallow. Couldn’t even go to the toilet on my own. But day 3 was a turning point and I’m now 5DPO and feeling soooo much better! X

    Alex 45

    I had partials so mine were both o we the muscle and also under the muscle too. I had 2 weeks off work as advised to by my PA especially with the job is do. Pain wise I was in uncomfortable pain for 3 to 4 days first 3 days were whe worst but it’s more of a feeling of over doing your muscles at the gym and a very heavy pressure on your chest. For the first few days I got out of breath just walking up the stairs. The worst part is having to sleep sat up right I ended up with a stiff neck and back that caused me more pain than my operation. Sleepless nights are the worst. By day 4 I went for a 2 hour walk with my partner and the dogs so I was deffo up and about doing things obviously wasn’t doing any house work or lifting anything as no way I’d of been able to. I’m now 16 PO and I’m back to doo g my usual stuff I just don’t lift anything heavy yet. But your own body is an indicator to what you can and can not do. Xxx

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