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    Hi girls, I’m 6 days post op, labiaplasty and hoodectomy. The experience was not scary or painful whatsoever. I am yet to feel any really bad pain I get a few twinges here and there but that’s it. I just can’t sit down normally so the way in which I’m lieing down is giving me a bad back that’s probably only bad thing. I just wondered if anyone who has had both of these procedures and far down the line and are happy with results of how it looks? Only asking this because Mr Ibraheim suggested a hoodectomy Aswell as labia reduction and I, trusting him was like yeah sure whatever you think but didn’t really research what it looked like etc ????. Now I have post surgery anxiety that it’s not going to look like how I imagined. I haven’t properly looked down there with a mirror or anything because it’s still very tender and I can’t bring myself to but I took a photo and it looks a bit of a mess lol (doesn’t look anywhere near healed/on its way to healing) and now I’m scared it’s going to heal looking like this mess. I’m doing the whole salt water after wee, shower once/twice a day, letting air get to it but still thinking it’s not healing like how I expected. Just wondered what everyone’s finished results are like and if you could put some faith in me, thanks

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    Update. Definitely healing and not a mess at all. I’m on day 8, I am walking slowly and it’s tender etc but post op says looking great and healing nicely. Still can’t believe how there has been no pain at all!! Even headaches are worse. Still wondering if anyone is far down the line and really happy with their results. Basically just want to know how it looks months on.

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