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    I can answer one question -you cant wear underwired bras for 6 wks after your op or drive for a wk and I think recovery is really dependant on the person and if you have overs or unders.
    I planned mine around my horses and my consultant told me not to ride for at least 4 weeks so I dont know if that equates to high activity movments like clubbing as well?! although I am 4 days postop and went to the pub today, feeling good :-)
    Hope that helps


    Hi, I’m having my BA with Mr Mahdi on 17th August in Manchester. I’ve talked to a few girls who he did BA for and they all had good things to say about Mr Mahdi and they were all happy with the end results.

    I’m a very empty 36A and Mr Mahdi said that I could have either 410cc or 460cc partial unders. I’ve decided to go with 460cc which hopefully should take me to a 36D/DD!!

    Roll on the 17th….I can’t wait!! xx


    hey girls, wanted to kno if anyone has had Mr mahdi and what they think to him…also a question for everyone…if i have the surgery in say 2 weeks time how long till i can go clubbing ‘normally’ eg, normal bra, dancing etc??? Have to try and plan it around an event i have in september!!
    OOOhhh so exciting but very nervous. Im a c at the moment and ive been offered up to 410cc that will make them an e, but some of you said u went to an dd after previously only being a a??? Help cos i dont wanna be Jordan size…just bigger and firmer xxx

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