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  • Leah 5

    Hello do I am now 3days po and feeling amazing!! Whilst I was researching on here I didn’t find many posts with similar stats to me & I found it very difficult to know wether the CC suggested was enough…. my advice is to always listen to your surgeon they know best 🙂
    I was a very deflated 38DD with lots of baggy skin. I was booked into see Mr netri who told me I needed a full uplift & suggested 300CC. The first appointment was a little whirlwind and after researching I started to worry that 300 wouldn’t be enough to get my desired look (how wrong was I!) at my second appointment I spoke about my concerns, mr netri explained that if he went with a larger implant they would be at risk if sagging sooner as they would be too heavy. He reassured me that 300 was right for my frame. Went with high profile, round over muscle.
    I went for my surgery on 22nd November at first choice in Preston – everybody was fantastic! It was the first ever time I have been put to sleep & everybody was just lovely, very reassuring and made me feel so comfortable all my worries and nerves were gone 🙂
    I feel I have got of very lightly with my recovery… I have had very little pain just the odd sting where my drains were taken out (if you need drains I would suggest asking for pain relief 20mins before they are due to come out) it’s not Too painful just very uncomfortable!
    I think the worst part of the recovery is sleeping upright – I have opted for sleeping on the sofa as it’s the ‘comfiest’ place I have found.
    The best way to describe the ‘pain’ after surgery would be that it feels just like when your milk comes after giving birth (if you’ve had children) it’s not so much a pain more of tenderness. I haven’t seen any of my stitches as they are still covered up however I feel like they are healing well (very itchy!!) I will upload my before and after picture – the after picture was taken 1 day PO.
    I honestly cannot thank the staff at first choice enough for looking after me and of course Mr Netri what an amazing man he is! My only regret to all of this is that I didn’t jump and get them done sooner!
    Please feel free to ask any questions I will help where I can 🙂
    Oh and for your hospital bag… no need for a dressing gown the rooms are like little saunas! And PO bra I took 1 that was a size larger than normal and one 2 sizes larger than normal…. we went for the 2 sizes bigger bra. 🙂

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    Emma 2

    Hi I had my op at first choice on 18th November but with Mr Mahdi. I echo your post in regards to pain and the sleeping upright ?? I feel its not so much the boobs but my back now ? xx

    Leah 5

    1 more week on the sofa… counting the days ? I have a water bed so haven’t dared to even sit on it incase I get stuck ? Just keep telling myself it will all be worth it especially when I’m on my holidays next year ? xxx

    Emma 2

    Haaa can Yiu imagine getting stuck on the bed ? I keep adjusting my pillows, either I’m too high or end up almost flat and then have to get out the bed to readjust myself so I don’t use my arms to push myself up ? absoult faff ? however it will all be with it in a few months ?? xxx

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