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    Hi there I had a consultation and tried on a bra of 350cc in 2014 and was going to get them done but I fell pregnant so now i am trying to save up all again! I am hoping to get it done at the end of this year fingers crossed! But i did pick traynor for my surgeon, I want natural looking boobs and not to big as i have changed my mind in wanting 350cc i now want maybe 250cc unders HP but not sure if i want round implants or teardrop implantsbut i do know i want natural looking as i have nothing at all!! Please help thanks you girls. Can`t wait for boobs!!


    I cannot say much about him but once I got info form research official site and would say with the vast majority of procedures done in sloppy makeshift ‘operating’ rooms at the surgeon’s office, the potential for harm is enormous and mostly ignored because the procedures are elective. There’s a LONG list of procedures that have gone wrong and required an ambulance ride to an ER.

    Elective procedures that are not covered by insurance have exactly NOTHING to do with competent OR affordable health care. Nothing. Terrible logic leap there.

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