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    Hi girls

    I haven’t posted on here in ages…. But thought it might be helpful to do a post on my experience going with MYA for my BA.

    I had my op on 7th May so I am 3MPO.

    I had my initial consultant at the Chelmsford Clinic and my PC is Tara Bethall. I just want to say from the start that she has been amazing the whole way through, so lovely and super patient with me which I definitely needed throughout this journey! I met with her probably 3 times to discuss sizes etc and try the implants on and then I always met with Dr Fimuara (who ended up being my surgeon) twice at the Fitzroy.

    I am soooo glad I went with Dr Fiumara – I would 100% recommend her to anyone. She is a perfectionist and so professional in her approach. She puts you at ease, answers all your questions, takes her time and really cares about her patients. I am petite, 5’3 size 6 and was a 32A before. We agreed 275 or 300cc HP partials and she would decide on the day.

    Surgery day: I had 7am admission, I arrived at the Fitzroy for 6.45 and got taken to my room for 7.30. I was sharing a twin room with another girl but the room was big so that was fine. The nurses came to do my blood pressure, checks etc. And then Dr Fiumara came to draw on me/go through paperwork at 8.20. I then waited around 2 hours and then the surgery team came and got me. I was in the surgery room around 10.45 and went down around 11. The team were amazing and did everything to keep my at ease. The cannula is absolutely fine… I felt silly for worrying about it – it wasn’t bad at all. Next thing I know I woke up after what felt like an amazing sleep in recovery. When I first realised where I was I could immediately feel some pain but nothing unbearable.

    I then chilled in the room and had to wait for Dr Fiumara to come up and see me, which was around 7.30p,. She spoke to me about the procedure – did 275cc and then she chose the best bra to wear and put it on me. I think this is really nice of her to do this. I was told to wear a breast brand for 2 weeks loosely.

    Overalls my surgery day experience was really good – the nurses were amazing, particularly Christina if anyone has her – she was so so lovely, bringing me juice and toast etc while I was waiting for Dr Fiumara.

    First 3 days were okay, day 4 and 5 worst by far and at this point I stopped the cocodomol because it made me feel awful. From day 6 onwards I felt so much better and just stuck to paracetamol. I was about to go out and sit in the car etc from day 7, I also went shopping day 10 I believe. i went back to work 2wpo which was ok because I work in an office, but would’ve liked 3 as I have a long commute into London!

    3 months later and i am really happy with the size – still got a long way to go in terms of them softening, coming together more etc. But think they fit my frame well. I have had a few issues along the way which were
    1) stitch wasn’t cut off at 2wpo so had a small infection and had to have antibiotics
    2) found a pea sized lump in my left boob – this could be a lymph node (still not sure and going to the doctors to find out) but Dr Fiumara wasn’t overly concerned when I showed her which made me feel better.
    3) my left is a bit smaller/ less defined than my right so have some light assymetry at the moment
    4) my left is still tighter/ I am more away of implant being in there than the right if that makes sense – I am hoping it is just taking longer to recover/settle rather than early signs of CC.

    But I have been in contact with my PC the whole time with the above, she always gets back to me and answers my questions so honestly I can’t thank MYA and Tara enough for that, she has been excellent!! I would self recommend Essex girls going to the Chelmsford clinic 🙂

    My only negative feedback would be the Fitzroy appointments – I found they were always running behind/ didn’t do very well to manage expectations (e.g. 20 min wait was actually an hour), but other that’s it.

    Hope this has helped, my BA insta account is ba_may_2018 if you want to message me/ask me any questions! Xx

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