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    Hello girls on my first consultation with the PC I applied for finance where I think it was a 1000 deposit and the rest was on finance over three years and I got declined. I have an absolutely shocking credit rating due to trusting people take things out in my name and them not paying it! And it has never seem to have gone away. She told me to save up 2500 and come back so we can apply for MYA finance where I can pay the rest off interest free and over the space of ten months where it doesn’t go off your credit rating! She said I needed the 2500, 3 months worth of bank statements, ID and employment history over last year I think she said.
    Just wondering has anyone ever done this because it seems too good to be true, I am one wage off having the 2500 and I am just worried incase I have got my hopes up so bad! Because my credit rating is so bad I just always worry. I know she said the credit rating doesn’t matter but would help me if anyone could tell me if they have done this before where you pay half upfront and the rest over. Just scared of getting rejected or getting my hopes up. And also what are the requirements wage slips ect cos I can’t remember them all, only the few i mentioned earlier. Thanks girls xxx

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