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    Hi guys, i was wondering if any of you could help. I have been saving with MYAs piggy bank service for the past 2 years and due to personal circumstances I’ve had to ask for my money returned. In Oct i requested a small amount back and this came back into my account in 13 working days (They say it should take 14 working days). This time it has been 17 working days and i still haven’t received my money back. Has anyone had an issue with getting their money back before. I wouldn’t normally be bothered by a couple of extra days but i have just lost my job and i need this money to live on. If anyone has any information, it would be appreciated


    I have recently experienced a similar situation. I have made only 3 transfers to the MYA piggy bank which started a few months ago and for personal reasons also I have requested to have my savings refunded. I have been told over the phone that this is usually not possible at all as I have already met the surgeon (back in April) however I have not booked any procedure appointment or made any kind of deposit payment or had any treatment, and so I am quite upset that I am being told this as i would never have made any transfer to the MYA piggy bank if i did not think it was refundable at any time. I am now waiting to hear back from MYA regarding the situation. If anyone else has any info on MYA piggy bank refund that would be much appreciated, thanks.

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