Nail polish Started by: Louise

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  • Louise 20

    Daft question – Did anyone leave their toe nail polish on?
    I’ve had my finger gel polish taken off and already broken several nails 🙈 they look hideous 🤣. My toes have normal polish so I can take off in the hotel if necessary… Just wondering if you got away with keeping them?

    Lauren 12

    I kept my toe polish on and they didn’t say anything. My feet were wrapped up for the surgery anyway with surgery socks and some evelated massage pad things …

    Monica 122

    If you’ve got your hand nails clear, leaving toes should be fine although you can always have polish remover with you just in case.
    I had toes and finger gel nails removed too and the state of my own nails was terrible haha but who cared at that point 😊💅💅 And after the op it was my least concern to even think about my nails 🙂 xx

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