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  • Violet 21

    Hey Girls!!

    So my surgery is next January – The 15th! I’m sooooo excited!!
    But as most girls I haven’t found much information on him and have only seen about two pictures on girls who have had the procedure with him.
    It’s quite nerve racking not seeing results.
    I meet with him back in June I think, and the consultation went fairly quick! I couldn’t really understand him much due to the accent and also me being hard of hearing. I am going to request to see him again. But he did seem very lovely.
    Me being a 34 A ( a very small one I might add) he originally suggested 350cc for my left and 375cc for my right. HP and under the muscle,
    I asked to go to a DD and he said it would get me to this. I felt that the sizes weren’t big enough and the biggest he would go would be 400cc and that’s it. I’m 5’6 size 8 and around 9 stone.
    Has there been any girls who are around the same height/size/weight as me, or even 400cc with Mr.Marcellino.
    If it’s not to much trouble could you please reply with how you felt it went and if not to rude to ask , for some pictures of your before and afters!
    Thank you so much girls for taking the time to read this!!

    Have a lovely day! xxx <3


    Did you get any pictures @voilet? I am meeting Max for BA In a few weeks.

    Charley 2

    Hey girls. Reading this I’m the same: I have him but haven’t seen any pics of his results, do you have any xxx


    Go on his Instagram MrMarcellino. Loads of before and after pics on there! I

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