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    Hey girls I had my pre-op assessment today I’m in on Tues I am sh**ing myself now, 1. what if I do not wake up, 2. what if I have an allergic reaction, 3. I’ve been told some girls wake up and because the chest is so tight and they panic, 3. The pain after, 4. Blood clots forming, etc etc etc arrgghhh I am doing my own head in but I am having boobies regardless and then 5. The guilt sets in cause of my 4 gawjuss babies, rant rant rant lol sorry! xx

    claire1984 7

    A think we all must experience these feeling and panic, but us that have children panic more so.. Cos we have our children to think about too and if anything was to go wrong etc… Arhhh not long for you chick… The excitement takes over the nerves a think.. Xxxx


    If its something you really want to do then don’t let pre-op jitters get the better of you. Your in safe hands I’m sure, mya is especially careful and very good at what they do. Maybe before surgery just ask for some reassurance from your surgeon hun, I’m sure you.ll be fine babe , good luck xx


    I feel fine today I guess I am just too much of a worrier! I wouldn’t be a good mummy if I didn’t I guess, I just wish they didn’t have to tell me all these risks although I know it is a legal requirement to cover their bums! Oh well 4 days to go now 🙂 just going to order a couple of macoms today as I have heard so much good stuff about them and a v pillow as the sleeping part is going to be the hardest for me I think. Thanks though girls I’ll be on here once done keeping you all up to date hahaaa xx

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