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  • Vicky

    Hello Ladies,

    This is my first post and I hope I can receive some support.
    I have been researching this forum for about 2 months now and I am still undecided.
    Very nervous!

    I have wanted my boobs done since I was 17/18, kept convincing myself to wait and see if they grew in with age. I will be turning 26 this year and know now this is 100% the change I want to make.

    Can anyone recommend a surgeon – why you chose them?
    Gary Traynor
    Mr Netri
    Mr Mounir
    Mr Mahdi

    Thank you in advance
    V x

    Olivia 10

    Hey Vicky,

    Hope your well! I’m booked in on the 8th of feb with Mr netri for 375cc overs and couldn’t be happier with my choice ! I’m so excited felt at ease with mr netri straight away. He recommend I get 350 or 375cc high profile overs to achieve the look and size I’m wanted. He did say I could have under or overs as I have enough tissue for either but decided on overs as it’s a quicker healing process apparently. I have my pre opp this Friday then all set for Surgery will keep you updated!!

    Good luck whatever choice you make! Xx

    Leah 5

    I am 7 weeks PO had Mr Netri & cannot recommended him enough! I had an uplift with implants… was so worried about the anchor scar. Mr netri told me he would be neat with stitching. I was not expecting the scars to be barley noticeable at 7 weeks. I haven’t used any creams and they have faded straight away and are ultra neat 🙂 he is a lovely man who does an amazing job. He put me at ease from the first meeting I trusted his word with the size he was offering as he explained reasons not to go any bigger. I had a little wobble when I thought the size wouldn’t be big enough for my desired look however trusted his judgement and went with 300cc I have gone from a flat, empty 38D to a full 38F so plenty big enough :)) Olivia good luck with your op I hope you have a speedy recovery & Vicky I hope you find a surgeon who you are happy and comfortable with xx


    My God girls! thank you do much for sharing with me.
    I am literally so scared (hence why it took me 7-8 years to do this) – all the different information is slightly overwhelming, what size? over/ under? which surgeon. But I suppose that’s the best thing about it at the end of the day you have the choice to make.
    I really want a natural look, I just want to be able to fill a bra LOL!

    I have been advised towards Traynor for natural look but this is now 3 people who are recommending Netri and I like the fact there’s a lot of research and pictures available on Netri work.
    Thanks Girls…

    Anyone else out there got advise on other surgeons?


    Olivia 10

    You could always meet with both surgeons and make your choice hun, I have heard amazing things about mr traynor and his work does look great! Whatever you decide I hope it all goes well for you xx

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