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    How long after breast augumentation is it okay to use legal highs (MDMA at a festival). I want to use it 2 WEEKS after. One doctor said when your wound is healed and not on any medication any more. Anyone else know or tried this? Thanks.
    I made my account anonymous as i wanna avoid judgement with my name. Thank you xx

    Natalie G 12

    If u feel ok i guess but i certainly didnt at 2 wks x

    Katie 112

    I’d say when you physically feel ready. I’d be worried about anyone bumping into me at a festival (presuming it’s music) they’ll still be very tender. And I’m really not taking sides but the surgeon does make a valid point that if your still taking meds, it might have an adverse affect with the MDMA xx


    If ur off ur face then the likely hood of bumping into people or objects is higher and that’s just fact not being judgemental but ur best to wait until ur implants have settled which is six weeks.

    Take more pride in ur body and the investment ur making its not worth messing them up for a festival?!

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