Non wired bra or sports bra? Started by: Rowan Kaya

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  • Rowan Kaya 3

    Hi girls,
    I’m 3 weeks PO and starting to get fed up on my macoms so was gonna buy an m&s sports bra this weekend. Just wondering if you’re allowed to wear any non underwired bras or does it have to be a sports bra specifically? TIA

    Rowan Kaya 3

    Omg I’ll be 4 weeks po this weekend ? Time goes so fast

    Mel 15

    I know exactly what you mean about being fed up and I’m only two weeks post op, I’m trying to find a sports bra without a racer back cos the bit of my back between my shoulders aches constantly! I think it does need to be a high impact sports bra for the first 6 weeks though. Mainly to keep the implants in place I think so they can’t move or get misshapen xx

    Jenna 19

    at 3 weeks PO I started to wear non-wired t-shirt bras if I was going out anywhere & wore my sports bra in the house & in bed. Aslong as there’s no irritation on your scars I think it’s fine! I’m 7 weeks PO now & had no problems by doing that?xx

    danim2406 13

    I bought a non-wired bra from debenhams today, the band also sits slightly lower than a regular bra so doesn’t rub on incisions, bought it to wear when I’m out! Sports bras are hard to dress! I’ll still wear them to work and at night. Xx

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