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    I will be one week post op tomorrow.
    I got 420ccs under the muscle saline implants.
    I still have my wrapping but they just don’t look as big as I expected.. getting really sad as the days go by. Will they look larger as they settle? What was your experience??
    I was a B cup beforehand. And wanted be a D/DD. If anyone has the same stats I would really appreciate any pictures before and after “dropping and fluffing”.


    *i am very happy with how they look from front view, I’m just disappointed that they don’t look very large from side view. Do you think they will be more projected as they settle more? Please share your experience!

    Alice 4

    Hi NH,
    Firstly congrats on the new boobs! I hope recovery has been okay so far 🙂

    As they drop and fluff I’ve read that they can get bigger looking, and won’t look so stiff and stuck on. Your chest muscle will need to time to relax and ‘stretch’ around the implant which then makes them look bigger.
    With the side profile it can depend on what profile you had, high profile has more projection outward, whereas moderate plus is slightly less out and more horizontal which can give more cleavage and side boob.
    Ultimately, you’re only one week post op which is nothing in terms of the recovery process. Give them a little longer and be patient with your body to adjust to them. When they’ve healed more you’ll have a better idea of what they look like 🙂
    Good luck! ☺️

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