Not sure whether to laugh or cry Started by: Kelly H

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  • Kelly H

    2.5 weeks ago I went from 550cc implants to 300cc high profile (with an uplift)

    I’m still fitting into exactly the same size bra. I also look huge still (30FF bra’s)

    I just wanted to cut my size by nearly half

    I wanted 250/275cc. But he suggested 300’s

    I know it’s early days (and I’ve had 4 surgeries throughout the years, so know the process)

    But… I want to cry x


    Hi Kelly

    How are you feeling about it all now?

    I’m booked in 3rd December, remove 460cc, uplift with 250cc replace. Like you I would like half the size…. would love to wear a alterneck bra without my neck hurting!

    Emma 2

    Hi ladies. I had surgery 3 days ago. Removed 460cc and put in 425cc with a lift(couldn’t do less due to pocket damage from previous surgery) I know its not a massive drop in cc but these boobs look loads smaller. Unsure if its due to them been strapped up or to do with the uplift. Definitely a differace at the minute x

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