One breast bigger then other Started by: Becci

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  • Becci 5

    I had surgery on Sunday I know it’s only wed but my left boob is huge compared 2 my right one did anyone else have this?

    Mads 3

    hey! don’t worry, im 2weeks post op, and that’s the same for me! my left boob is bigger but that is because it is a lot more swollen than the other one!! Try not to worry as you still have so much time for them to change!… xx

    Becci 5

    Yh it’s a lot more swollen it just worries you lol! I’ve got a appointment sat so will see what they say x

    Sarah 64

    I had much more swelling on my right than left in the first 2 weeks.
    Best advice is not to scrutinise them daily. Just do a quick check over then try to forget about them. Take pics every 7 days and you’ll see the difference so much compared to daily (or hourly!!!) checks… which are very tempting!!
    They will work themselves out xx

    Jade. 7

    Hey! I’m with you on this one.
    I had my op on Tuesday 2nd July. My left boob was bigger than my right so I had 275cc in my left and 295cc in my right and I cant help but worry that they wont even up and at the moment they are completely different sizes to the point I think it would be a different cup size. I have my follow up on wednesday 10th so will see what the nurse says. ??‍♀️ xx

    Gwen7 1

    Hey, I’d only say worry if you start getting really dark bruising on the swollen one. I just had to go back and have a second operation as I had blood clots. If you are at all worried phone the emergency number. X

    Jade 15

    Hey dont panic I’m 5 weeks post op tomorrow and my left is still slightly larger than the other. The say treat them as sisters not twins 🙂 xx

    Staciie 5

    I’m 3 weeks post op Saturday and my left one is very swollen still to my right one!
    So don’t worry!.. as seems we are all in the same boat at the moment! 🙂

    Becci 5

    That’s good to know it’s come down slightly but it’s still bigger and sort of fuller if that makes sense might be the swelling still xx

    Faylouise89 12

    Hi girls, how are you all getting on now? I had mine done 3.5 weeks ago and my right is bigger than my left. I had some asymmetry before but surgeon said that it wasn’t enough to warrant different sized implants but now I’m worried that I should have had different sizes. Did yours settle in the end?

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