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    Hey Girls
    So I had my operation yesterday with Dr A Tsekouras at Fitzroy I had 375cc overs
    After the operation I felt great no pain until the morphine wore of and I got home and now I have pain.
    My pain is more on my left breast and at the side / underneath of it,
    This has also caused pain under my armpit and in my arm this was also the arm my canula was in and it has an over all numb feeling at times.
    Has anybody else experienced this?
    I’m all taped up and have my bra on as well so I’m
    Feeling extremely tight right now especially underneath my left boob which worrys me
    A little? It’s so hard to know what is normal
    And what isn’t.
    Bloated as well but I read this is normal.
    If anybody else has pains similar or arm
    Discomfort please let me know it’s nice to be able to help each other out.

    Elle 81

    Hi Kimberly! Glad your surgery went well. Everything you have explained seems normal from what I have read from other girls experience on here! I am due to have 400cc unders tomorrow so I’m sure I will be just like you tomorrow! Xxx

    Karolina 3

    Hey i had my op on saturday with the same doctor. I think I saw you sitting in the waiting room with your boyfriend? I had unders and I am in so much pain. I can barely move my arms and i get some sharp pains in my right breast. I have the strapping on and I can’t even see my breast and it doesn’t even look big or anything.
    I only had 325cc HP done as that was the maximum i could get he said, but I saw small framed girls with bigger implants. I feel like he could have put a bigger implant. I am kind of unhappy at the moment. Hopefully when they take the strapping off this will change.

    Megan 58

    Hiya lovely, I had 300cc unders yesterday and I am in so much pain today. Struggling to move or even go to the toilet without my mum helping, plus I’m very bloated as well. Don’t worry, you’re not on your own! Hopefully we have a speedy recovery xx


    Hey hun
    Bless you it’s so hard to tell what they look like with all this strapping on isn’t it.
    Aw yes it would of been me you saw we arrived at 7.30am.
    I’m sure you will be happy when they are off.
    How are you finding the pain killers?
    I’m feeling extremely drowsy today and nauseous as well I think it’s the pain killers.
    I heard day 2 was the worse and so far it’s right I woke up today with such a sharp pain in my left breast still they feel so tight and compact it’s like somebody is crushing my ribs. Sleeping is the hardest part.
    I hope all you girls are well and we all have a speedy recovery xxx

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